1. I was asked to do the Logo for the Zombie Falmouth event that happened a few weeks ago. 

  2. Thought I’d try my hand at this Digital Screenprint! I loved it! 

  3. 3 images from my interpretation of the Moon Rabbit folktale.

  4. A sneak peak at a project i’m working on! 

  5. My second dancer, so far.

  6. Burlesque Project for Uni

  7. Yeah, I love painting anything to do with space!

  8. I tried my hand at miniature knitting!

    I loved it! I definitely want to play with it some more!

  9. Recently i’ve really been getting into making these little maquettes, They’re so much fun to do!

  10. Recent commissions from Dueling Kazoos for gigs happening around Falmouth. Check them out here!